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Notice, I didn't say CHEAT Meals? Yikes, I hate that phrase. I mean, what or who are you cheating on? When the time is right, a Treat Meal, Free Meal or Untracked Meal is essential to allow you to have a nice break from tracking, both mentally and physically. All of my clients are always given weekly Treat Meals, no matter the goal. For those who are in a fat loss phase, I usually suggest holding off for three weeks or so before incorporating one when just starting out. Once it is time is right to incorporate 1 or 2 weekly Treat Meals, this is a great time to enjoy a meal out at your favorite restaurant, enjoy a date night, girls night out, attend a special event or party, or even make something that you are craving at home! I NEVER track treat meals and neither should you. It is supposed to be an untracked meal, to allow your body to restore a bit with a little extra increase in calories and have a chance to indulge in what your body is craving. What you choose to select for your Treat Meal should be entirely up to YOU, and no one else. Do not over think your choices or try to "fit it in." That isn't the point. If at first, the idea of incorporating an untracked meal is intimidating or scary, then order what you truly feel comfortable with, or what you are truly craving! If you are the type that is more comfortable with a healthier option at a restaurant, then order that by all means. Order what YOU WANT and crave, now what you think you should order. A Treat Meal or Free Meal does not have to be a dirty free for all pig out fest if you are not mentally ready for that kind of increase in calories, and that is okay. To some, sushi may be considered a Treat Meal, while to others maybe it is a gooey brownie sundae or a big burger. There is no right or wrong choice for a treat meal, as long as you are satisfied with YOUR choice. Enjoy it! Take the stress out of the equation, this should be something fun to look forward to that you know you can have.

Do you find yourself hungrier the day after a treat meal?

That's not necessarily a bad thing, in fact that is definitely to be expected and can be a GREAT sign of progress!

Did you feel guilty after your treat meal?

PLEASE DON'T. This is common, and trust me, I understand it as I used to feel the same in the beginning. What I learned is that without these treat meals, I only am deriving myself not only of life events, but some extra fuel that is certainly needed at times. Revaluate WHY you feel guilty, and what you chose as your meal. Perhaps make a different choice net time that you are more comfortable with. Instead of feeling guilty, re direct and evaluate these details instead: How do you feel the day after? Do you have more energy? Did you enjoy yourself?

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