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The QUICK and effective CUT

This was an EFFORTLESS cut for Jason. We planned a 30 day cut for Jason, but he ended up reaching his goal much earlier. He exceeded his goal in fact!

We reversed him into vacation on day 21, by adding 100 calories each day. He ended up continuing to drop with the added calories!

Jason even added treat meals after day 21.

Jason only got 2 strength training sessions in, and three 25 minute elliptical sessions in, the entire duration of his cut. NO EXTREMES at all.

Why was this so EASY for Jason?

1. He was READY. Jason was in the right mindset to cut and eat in a deficit.

2. His previous calorie intake was higher, so we had a nice chunk of calories to work down from.

3. He was COMPLIANT.

4. He was HONEST.

5. He was consistent.

What DIDN'T Jason do?

1. He did not take any supplements or gimmicky products (ie: skinny tea, pills)

2. He did NOT do a cleanse.

3. He did NOT Practice Intermittent Fasting

4. He did NOT carb cycle.

5. He did NOT follow a Keto approach.

6. He did NOT drink alcohol.

Can this work for YOU? Of course it can!

Ask yourself:

1. Are you in the right mindset to be in a deficit?

2. Do you want it badly enough?

3. Are you coming from maintenance or surplus calories?

4. Are you able to remain 100% compliant, honest and consistent for the entire time of your cut?

5. Are you able to omit alcohol?

IF SO...

then YOU TOO can have a successful and SHORT cut!

Do NOT drag it out. Get it done!

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