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How do I maintain or cut on vacation? It's actually pretty easy!

July, 2022

PACK or plan

PACK snacks that you enjoy, that are portable & convenient (no cooking or chilling required). Protein Bars are an ideal option. My favorite brands include Built Bar, Bowmar Nutrition and Healthy Eating on the Go.

Forgot to pack?  You can stop at a convenience store to purchase your items once you arrive. Bonus: walk there to get your steps in!

Short on time? Use a delivery service such as Instacart to have your items delivered to your destination address.

CHUG (water now, fun stuff later!) 

Flavor your water if needed, or sip on bubbly water as the carbonation helps fill your tummy. Want to prevent bloat & constipation while traveling? Aim to drink 1 Liter per EACH HOUR you are on a flight.


Keep 1 or 2 of your meals lower macro & mindful. Fill up on High Volume choices for breakfast or lunch, saving up some “fun macros” (fats & carbs) for later.

My typical breakfast: egg white Omelet w/ easy cheese & veggies. Depending on the day, I will add fruit or a few potatoes on the side.


Something that helps both my husband & I on vacation is to hold off breakfast until later. Coffee first, followed by a workout, then brunch after. We prefer our dinner to be our decadent treat meal, also with a snack & cocktail in the afternoon.


Get rid of the mentality that you NEED an Epic Brunch or Epic cheat day. Brunch does not require a free for all pig out fest including a 1300 calorie Bloody Mary or bottomless Mimosas. Instead, remember Brunch refers to combining 2 meals: breakfast & lunch. Think of brunch as a tool to strategize your day to hold off your eating window to budget in yummier meals, treats & cocktails later in the day.


Aim to get a decent amount of walking in, to maximize calorie burn & digestion. Take the stairs. Skip the uber: walk to the convenience store or restaurant. If you can get a workout in, then that’s a no brainer!

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