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Female Fluctuation

"THAT time"

Of all the topics I chat about, and of all the information that is out there on the web and on social media, this topic is one that is probably not addressed.

The information I am about to share varies from individual to individual, and there isn’t an ideal way to manage any stressors. These are simply my tips, ones that I assumed most of you already know, but as I share my tips with my clients, I realize every day that most do not realize the that our menstrual cycles can play a role.

If you are “back on track” on any sort of plan, and monitoring your progress with a scale, the scale can already be a very frustrating tool to use, and extra frustrating during “that time of the month.” You have probably noticed some goofy changes going on in your body (and in your head, hello emotions!). Those lovely symptoms are the result of hormonal changes, NORMAL hormonal changes. You may have noticed you are up on scale, and quite a bit even days before your cycle comes. You have been extremely diligent on your macros, or on whichever plan you are following and see that scale go up, and up a lot! Well, let me tell you this, THAT IS NORMAL water retention, and yes it will always happen! This water retention is normal, and so is the rise on the scale, so leave the scale alone. Stay off, hide it, just say no! This normal water retention will come and go, and it is NOT fat gain. If you check in with a coach (or me!), then feel free to check in, but tell them the reason you skipped the scale! They will of course understand. If they don’t, well that’s a whole other discussion! The cravings, the bloat, and lack of energy, are also temporary, and I assure you that these symptoms will subside. Even though these symptoms are bound to happen to most of us, here are a few things that you can do to feel better!

KEEP CHUGGING. I mean this in so many ways. First, keep chugging that water even if you seem so bloated already. In fact, UP YOUR WATER intake. It will HELP the bloat. Secondly, keep chugging along. Don’t break your usual routine or plan just because you feel that you have a green light or an excuse to do so. Keep following your macros, and make some great whole and clean choices. I do recommend to avoid a surplus of packaged items. A little extra salt won’t kill you, and it certainly will not hinder long term progress, but I would not suggest loading up on foods that are overly packed with a very high amount of sodium. Have a craving? That’s okay, of course you can, you are human! Give in to the craving, don’t let it become a nasty binge or out of control snack fest. If you do indeed opt for something super high in sodium, drink more water. You will be fine! Don’t stress! You have plenty.

One of my biggest reliefs that I highly recommend trying, is to keep up your normal workout or training routine. You will feel better, I assure you, due to that little endorphin rush that comes along with exercise. And, the cherry on top of the sundae, you will even de bloat a little! When I took this photo, I was away at my daughter’s dance competition, day two of my cycle, feeling bloated, emotional, tired, ALL THE THINGS. I felt so much better after a 25 min lift, I felt the need to selfie it!

Next (please don’t hit me), I would highly suggest to avoid the booze, as tempting as it may be when you just feel MEH. There are several reasons why this is a bad idea, but one of the reasons I like to avoid it, goes into my next tip to manage your cravings! Drinking alcohol can leave us not only with an increased appetite (and a bloated physique), but it can induce some cravings, and make it hard to control a proper serving size if you do end up working in a treat. But if you have a craving for chocolate (as you should, its divine), then work the treat in to your macros! It will fit, I assure you. If the idea of working in chocolate or a dessert makes you a little nervous, then make a healthier alternative of your favorite dessert. I have endless recipes for chocolate cravings and other desserts, so I’ve got you covered there. If you do not have the energy to bake something fabulous, then head over to, and order yourself the yummiest and cleanest chocolate spread you will ever try. If you like chocolate, I assure you that you will love this! A little bonus, enter the code TaraFFit10 to save a little moolah, since I know you may be online shopping when your emotions get the best of you!

And last, listen to your body. Really! I mean it! If you sincerely need an extra rest day and are hunched over in pain, then rest. No questions asked. Take care of you! I assure you that you will feel back to your normal self in no time at all.

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