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Goal: Fat loss

“I am very thankful for discovering macro coaching. I am proud that my weight loss has resulted in a sustainable lifestyle for me and allows me to be the best version of myself. I am the healthiest and strongest I have ever been. Grateful for my coach Tara and the happiness she has helped me achieve” 

Left: January 2020 190 pounds, start of cut. Left: January 2021 130 pounds reverse to maintenance

Katie, Florida

Goal: Fat loss to Maintenance

"Tara Frazier, what can I say about her other than she changed my life in so many ways. I started with her in January of 2020 at 190 pounds, now in January of 2021 I weigh 130. Weight is just a number but wanted to throw in the logistics. I have always had a hard time losing weight and have high blood pressure. At first I was nervous to pay someone who I didn’t know to help me with my eating but with Tara, I honestly got the best, genuine macro coaching. She doesn’t just send you numbers and sends you on your way. Tara has detailed meal plans that break everything down if you need and tons of recipes. At the beginning you even have a coaching call and actually get to talk to her! She was always available by email or even phone if you needed. At first I needed her ALOT but now she has taught me how to track and not go off a meal plan. She has instilled in me so much knowledge about how food works for your body and it has changed the way I think. Throughout this journey she’s been there as a coach but now I can consider her a friend! What you get with her is really priceless!"

Scott, IL

Goal: Fat loss to Maintenance to Building

“I have been into fitness my entire life. Sports growing up, P90X, Insanity, CrossFit. Paleo, keto, vegan, carnivore. The truth is that until I started working with Tara I was never in that great of shape despite a ton of effort. Now, in my late thirties and a father of two; I am walking around with the most muscle and the lowest body fat of my life. Thanks to Tara, it’s also the easiest it’s ever been!”

Reaching out to Tara and taking a risk in changing my normal fitness and nutrition routine has been literally life changing.

She is knowledgeable, supportive and AVAILABLE! She is always there for me to answer questions, share a laugh or encourage me. I am so impressed with her work ethic and how genuine she is about supporting and helping her clients.

The biggest impact Tara has had in my life aren’t even visible (although I am down 10 pounds and feel amazing ). But she has helped coach me to a more balanced way of life, and such a better relationship with food. I do not feel deprived, I feel in control!

I can’t say enough about how wonderful my experience with Tara has been.

Tara L


Tara is awesome! I love working with her - I have lost 10 lbs and couldn’t be happier:) I still have a ways to go and love having Tara to help me along with her positive words and willingness to help me when I need it most!

Kris R


I feel amazing! I love that I can just follow a plan, I love that is easy to follow, I love that it allows a cheat day (approved by you) that doesn’t affect the whole process, I love it’s real food, I love that the plan is balanced (this was a mess for me), I love your accessibility, your feedback, love that you put a plan in place for me that works!

Balanced Macro nutrients total works!

I feel more in control of my eating (even if I have an emotional binge, I haven’t gone off track).

I feel I have control now being over 50, taking post cancer meds, and being post- Menopausal! Just living a healthy life!

Thank you so much!

I’m so glad I found you!

Leanne L


I could never ask for a better coach than Tara. She talked to me initially on the phone and has always offered phone calls when needed. She is encouraging, motivates me, and smart...she really knows her stuff. She has made adjustments to my food selections when needed. Responds to texts very timely. She is seriously the best out there, I would rate her the highest stars possible! She is truly an awesome person.

Kelli M


If you are looking for someone to change your outlook on a diet look further. I have been working with Tara for almost a year now. In the past 10 months I have lost weight and inches. Tara has changed not only my body and physique but more importantly my relationship with food. I have since referred friends who have shared the same success. Tara provides the support and guidance that I need to stay on track while achieving my goals.

Natalie L


I am just so grateful to have found Tara. She is such a bright light, always offering support and positivity. She is helping me change my thoughts regarding my diet to a more healthy viewpoint that will help me maintain a healthy consistent lifestyle. In such a short time, she has become a friend and I am so excited to continue our friendship for a long time!

Nicole L


Tara is a extremely great coach! She has literally changed my lifestyle for the best! Her plans are easy to follow with real food & living life. She has educated me more in 8 months then I known in years! Her motivation, education & that she literally cares makes it so easy! I have never been happier!

Lisa P


Tara is the most amazing coach ever! I’ve lost over ten pounds since April! Not only that, I have maintained that loss as well! She is always available when I need her and is willing to work with my wants and needs! It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

Alli W


I have been working with Tara Frazier since the beginning of this year and am so happy I found her! I have tried ever diet out there and none worked this is the first thing I have stuck to and love doing and can see myself sticking to this forever. I love the plan options and recipes. Most of all Tara is so easy to talk to and always there to help. I have lost more weight doing this than I have with anything else and it has changed the way I look at food for sure!!!

Christin A


I’m not sure that FB will give me enough room to write all that I want and could about how amazing Tara’s coaching is. I could not be more thankful that I came across her name on Instagram. She has given me the tools to get me to who I have always wanted to be. It’s not about looking amazing in a bathing suit for me or trying to look super skinny. It’s about teaching my little girls and taking care of the one body you are given in life. It’s about teaching my daughters that it’s wonderful to be a girl who strong and healthy! Tara has not only helped me lose almost 15 lbs but she has taught me to see myself in a healthier way and talk about myself more positively. She has helped me realize its about how I FEEL not about how I look! Thank you thank you thank you Tara! ❤️

Korri B


Tara is a miracle worker and has changed my life for the better! Prior to working with Tara I felt like I had literally tried everything to put my health back on the right track and when I contacted her I was skeptical that this would be any different. 10 months later and I feel like a new woman. My energy levels are up my mood has improved and I gain more confidence by the day. I am down 2 pants sizes and still going strong. I truly know that none of this would have happened without Tara. Her positive attitude is contagious and she just knows how to get you the results you want because she has done it herself. She takes the guesswork out of a healthy lifestyle and makes it just that -- a lifestyle you can live with.

Sherri R


Tara has been working with me since May 2019. I am 60 years old and with Tara’s help I feel and look amazing. I never thought I would be able to say that about myself. Since day one I have not felt like I am dieting because of all the food choices I have on my plan. I also have Tara work up an exercise plan for me that I do at home and it consist of cardio and weights and I don’t have to spend all day working out to look fabulous. I live on the West Coast and Tara has made herself available anytime I have had a question. Tara’s tips for eating out or how to handle vacations or if I want to consume a cocktail have been easy to follow. The recipes she provides me have been a game changer. Thank you Tara for giving me the confidence that I have never knew I had!

Penny C


LEFT: Start of Cut 1675 calories. RIGHT: End of Cut 1400 calories

LEFT: Start of Reverse: 1375 calories. RIGHT: End of Reverse: 2100 calories

From Laurie, Michigan

Goal: Fat loss to reverse Diet

“I came to Tara with the intention of dropping 10#'s and toning up. I figured that'd take me about 3 months and I'd be ready for a vacation I had planned. I have gained so much more than I ever imagined from working with her. I have been working with Tara for 10 months and have gained so much knowledge about macros and a sustainable lifestyle. I began with a cut and body re-composition for several months and got fantastic results. Since then, we have been reverse dieting to slowly bring up my daily calories to a higher maintenance level. I can confidently say that I am in the best shape of my life at 45 years old, as a mom of three and I feel wonderful. Tara has taught me so much about balance and that food and carbs are not the devil. I am eating more than I ever have in my life and truly enjoy what I'm eating every day. What I have gained from working with Tara has been incredible. My relationship with food is so much more-healthy and I feel in control of my diet and lifestyle for the first time in my life. It takes consistency and hard work but if you trust her and trust the process, IT WORKS!”

-Laurie, Michigan

Goal:Fat Loss, Body Recomposition

"Tara is amazing! I’ve been working with her for over a year now and have seen such great results. She listens to what my individual goals are and tailors my program to meet those. Since working with Tara, I’ve never once felt like I’ve been on a “diet”. That’s the best part! Her program is can still live life and enjoy it!

-Susan, Missouri

Initial Goal: Fat Loss, followed by Reverse, Maintenance and Body Recomposition

"I have been working out for many years and always ate pretty healthy but once I hit my 40's, I started to gain weight, No matter how much cardio I did, or how clearn I ate, I just couldn't lose the weight. I've been working with Tara for a year now and I've learned so much about Nutrition and how much it plays a huge role in my fitness goals. In addition to that, I learned the importance of strength training and building muscle and how that impacts weight loss. Tara is so great to work with an extremely committed to helping you figure out your goals. Her plan is not restrictive at all and offers so many options which I love. After a year of working with Tara, I have lost 20 pounds and two pant sizes. My body composition has leaned out and I feel stronger overall. I highly reccomend Tara!

-Lucy, Massachusetts

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